Well-paid ESL Positions in Shenzhen, China

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This ESL English teaching position has been posted by Engtop, apply now for this great job to teach English in China. More job details below.

About the Job


Well-paid ESL Positions in Shenzhen, China

Job Description: 
1. Teaching ESL--- English as a Second Language 
2. Lesson planning and preparation as well as curriculum development 
3. Supervising test and exams and giving level tests 
4. Assisting with administration including intake and placement of students and recording attendance 
5. Counseling students 
6. Participating in the school's social program including Extra Curricular Activities (ECA's) 
7. participating in Employee training programs and workshops organized by the school 
8. Participating in promotional and marketing activities organized by the school 
9. Student's age: Adults 
10. Students per class: 1-20 
11. Classes' main type: Private Classes, Salon Classes, for which we have ready-to-use lesson plans, and Social Clubs

1. Bachelor degree or above (Welcome fresh graduates to apply) 
2. Native English speaker 
3. Teaching experiences or TEFL(120hours)/TESOL/CELTA 
4.Able to get no criminal background check

Teaching condition: 
1) Remuneration Package: 
i) For 25 weekly teaching hours: Highly competitive Base Salary+ Housing Allowance: RMB15400-17400/month(A two-month probation period: RMB14400-16400/month) 
ii) Highly overtime pay and corporate training class fee 
iii) Year-end bonus 
iv) RMB 6000 year airfare 
v) Quarterly performance bonus 
2) Employee Benefits: 
i) 16 paid holidays (including public holidays, goes up next year) 
ii) Medical Insurance 
iii) Mandarin Classes 
iv) Fully paid and sponsored Z visa 
3) Career Development: 
i) 1 week induction training(including a 2-day intensive session) 
ii) On job training(including on-line and live sessions) 
iii) Possible Head/Senior teacher advancement 
4) Arrival Assistance: 
i) Free first week hotel accommodation 
ii) Assistance on housing, bank account opening and health check etc.

Work place/Location: Shenzhen 

If you are interested, Please send your CV/Resume, Passport, Education Diploma/Teaching certificate relevant, one recent photo copy and Reference Letter to: Ivy2003@eslengtop.com o r eslengtop@aliyun.com

Find more job openings, please visit at: www.eslengtop.com 




Skills Required:

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