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This ESL English teaching position has been posted by Lilian, apply now for this great job to teach English in China. More job details below.

About the Job


Shanghai Meiji is one of the biggest human resource centres for foreigners in Shanghai, China. We specialize in assisting foreign teachers and interns in pursuing their teaching career in China.

We have been in operation for over 8 years, and now has partnered with over 100 schools in China. At Shanghai Meiji, we take pride in placing passionate and professional teachers in their dream teaching jobs at top education establishments throughout China. With a wealth of experience and expertise throughout our team, and a dedication to our industry, Shanghai Meiji has become one of the largest and most well-respected human resource centers for foreign teachers in Shanghai.

Would you like to join our Exciting New Team by become a Freelance Recruiter (Commission Based), it would be a great opportunity for those who has a lot of spare time on their hands and a lot of connections in disposal. You could be anywhere around the world and still work for Shanghai Meiji as a Freelance Recruiter.

If you have a lot of Friends or Acquaintances or Clients or Connections, this opportunity is for you or if you want to build up your connections.

We offer a great payment structure for the freelance recruiters. Commission Based Position.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the brief that Shanghai Meiji has provide in order to screen candidates effectively
  • Using job boards such as Reed, Jobsite and CV library on a daily basis – Putting together relevant search stings
  • Using social media to source candidates and advertise vacancies (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Qualifying candidates over the telephone and face to face
  • Interviewing potential candidates over the telephone, building a relationship and gain a strong understanding of their skill-set.
  • Creating in depth candidate profiles before sending to Shanghai Meiji
  • Building a pool of candidates actively seeking work
  • Setting up and arranging interviews

If you are interested, please contact: or via Skype: yan.zhang203 .If you know a friend who might be interested please repost.




Skills Required:

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