Teacher (English or other subjects according to your qualification, experience and specialty)

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Enfly Education

This ESL English teaching position has been posted by Enfly Education, apply now for this great job to teach English in China. More job details below.

About the Job


Enfly Education is a professional recruiting company. We specialize in placing different people from different countries to teach as English teachers or other subjects teachers according to your qualification, experience and specialty. We have already helped thousands of people work in different public or private schools, and centers from kindergarten, primary, middle schools up to university and adult education since the year 2000.

Join us at Enfly Education, we can dispatch you as a full time teacher in one school with the possibility of doing part time jobs legally. We can also dispatch you to teach in different schools as a part time teacher legally. We focus on people who are from English native speaking countries, and also other European languages native speakers.

our positions are always available.

If you are interested in having an amazing experience in Sichuan in China. Feel free to contact us and send your cv to this email address: hr.f.m@enflyeducation.org.

If you are currently in China or close to Chengdu, you are also welcome to our office to talk about these opportunities.

Address :
10-A, Guodong Guangchang, No.52, Jindun Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China


H1660628496 or 13982218256

Phone Number:


Office Number:


Email :




Skills Required:

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