FREE HOUSING! Experienced and non-experienced teachers welcome in XihuTown, Changhua County

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Joy English of Xihu

This ESL English teaching position has been posted by Joy English of Xihu, apply now for this great job to teach English in China. More job details below.

About the Job


Pay will be at least NT$50,000 per month. We are a branch of Joy English, our branch has won many awards, and we are trusted by and praised by parents. Teaching hours are 4:40 to 9 or 9:30 Monday to Friday. Office hours begin at 3 pm so you have time to prepare for classes and grade homework. Joy provides a full curriculum and teaching plan. The co-workers are nice and the working environment is a good one. Xihu is a great place to save money. It is a town in the countryside, but it is more like a small city with farms nearby. We have a population of more than 50000. Everything you might need can be found in town unless you want exciting nightlife or many Western style restaurants. These can be found in Taichung City (a forty minute bus-ride away). Xihu is close to Lukang, Historic area and Sun Moon Lake, both very popular travel destinations. You will share the 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms high-rise apartment with another foreign teacher. It comes fully furnished and with all bedding and appliances. The only costs for you is the utilities. It includes gas, water , security fee and electricity. Compared to Western countries, this is not much. Upon request, we will provide you with the email for our foreign teacher of three years, as well as pictures of the apartment. What do WE want? We want energetic, fun teachers our students can love! We hope to hear from you!

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